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Nassim Haramein
What Nikola Tesla calls “the aether” is the same fundamental universal field of energy of the universe also called: the vacuum, space, the zero point field, the quantum foam, the source field, god, the plenum… call it what you like, we are made of and bathing in an infinite field of energy that when in perfect balance that we call “empty space”. When there is a gradient of density in the structure of the vacuum (aether, space etc.) we see a fundamental dynamic of spin of various scales in the form of a Torus expressed atoms, stars, galaxies and universes (for example, how weather spins when the atmosphere has a slight change in density (temperature) which causes a massive hurricane). There are somewhere between 107 and 122 degrees of magnitude difference in the density of the vacuum of space-time at the cosmological level down to the quantum level. This incredibly large gradient is so baffling to physicists that the whole problem of solving for this observation has become known as “the vacuum catastrophe”, also sometimes called “the worst theoretical prediction in the history of physics.” Nassim Haramein’s equations solve for this issue as well as for the cosmological constant, the occurrence of the strong force (quantum gravity) and also unify the field of energy from the cosmological to the quantum using a geometric solution for gravity.Read more:Nassim Haramein’s “Quantum Gravity & The Holographic Mass” paper .pdf download:"If Nikola Tesla had not been censured, we could have been traveling between the stars by now." - Nassim Haramein

RIP Shyster.. I love & miss you.

Dioptase; Tsumeb Mine, Otjikoto Region, Namibia